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Fitness Tools, Accessories And Products For The New Gym Junkie!

You have finally paid for an expensive gym membership, and it is now time to sweat it out. Before you plan your first day, it is wise to prep up for the session, and experts usually recommend taking a few accessories with you. The best part is you can buy these fitness accessories from sites like Framing & Foundation at really low prices. Below are some of the fitness tools, accessories and products that a beginner at the gym must buy.

  • A gym bag for the essentials. To carry all the essentials that we just talked about, you definitely need a gym bag. Gym bags don’t have to be huge and usually look like duffle bags, so carrying one around is easy. Gym bags must accommodate all your goodies, so buy one that is of the right size.
  • Fitness band. Fitness bands help you check the heart rate, number of steps taken, and calories burned, and these are very cheap these days, so money shouldn’t be a problem. Just check the features, and if you don’t want something too elaborate, just go for one that comes with heart rate monitoring.

  • Many people would be using the same barbells, dumbbells and other weights at the gym, which means that these can get sweaty. Also, your grip may not be as strong as you would expect on weights, for which a set of gloves is absolutely necessary. Get gloves that are comfortable and is meant for gym use.
  • Jumping rope. Another product that should be in your gym bag is a jumping rope. There are all kinds of ropes, but quality is something you need to check. When the treadmill is busy, or you simply want to warm up a bit, a jumping rope is probably the best accessory you can have handy.
  • Ankle & wrist weights. If you want to challenge yourself a tad more, you may need extra strap-on weights for the ankle and wrists. These are effective and do add that extra resistance to the workout. Don’t go for something heavy right away, especially if you are new to weight training.
  • Yoga mat. Some people like to carry their own mat to the gym, and that makes sense because the ones at the fitness center are being used by numerous people every day. You would want to have a clean mat as you work on those poses, and therefore, always consider having one in your gym bat. Check for Framing and Foundation for portable mats that also have carry bags.

  • A lint-free towel. The last one on our list is a lint-free towel that is also quick drying and easy to carry around. You will find towels designed exclusively for gym users, and these are portable and comfortable to use on a regular basis. Avoid heavy towels that you would otherwise use at a spa.

Shop for these tools, accessories and products now and get your gym sessions started like a pro!