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What you Need to Know about the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard

Hoverboards used to have a reputation for being fire hazards; however, new safety standards have made them less dangerous. A swagtron t1 hoverboard represents the best in terms of safety and performance. This board boots with a 300-watt motor, an 8 mph top speed, and a range of 11 miles. It is a good board for children and adults. If you are planning to buy this hoverboard, here are things you must know:

Board Range and Speed

The speed of this hoverboard is impacted by the kind of terrain you are on and your weight. The weight range is 45-220 pounds. It can go up to 11 miles on one full charge. Again these numbers are affected by terrain and weight. If you hit a hill your board will stay upright up to 30 degrees. It is important to take hills with caution, especially if you are just starting to ride the board.

Board Riding Modes

The board’s learning mode controls its top speed, thus, you do not need to worry about suddenly going 8 mph if you lean forward. The board’s standard model opens up its potential to let you reach the top speeds and enjoy total control over the gadget when you are comfortable. Holding the power button for three seconds will let you switch modes. The board also has a self-balancing mode that is automatically activated when you turn the board once and one of your feet is on the rubber pad.

Board Construction

The Swagtron T1 takes it designs seriously. Its casing is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Although this is not the toughest material, it is fine for a board in this price range. The board’s tires are hard rubber with aluminum rims. Thus, they do not add too much weight to the board. Because these tires are not designed for off-road use, do not expect the board to travel over rocky ground, grass, or sand.

 Moreover, the hoverboard is equipped with LED headlights perfect for riding when the sun sets. It also has five light indicators that allow you to know the battery levels. The battery should not go below 20% or so more often than once every month to maintain its expected lifespan.


The Swagtron T1 has all the bells-and-whistles you want on a safe board. These include two UL certifications – the UL-2272 and UL-2271. The UL-2272 means the battery-and-motor system went through thorough testing. The 2271 certification applies to the board’s batteries.