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2021 Earth First Trends – Planting Trees and Changing Sunscreens

The Earth First Trends of the 21st century will focus on planting trees in places to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. There is a lot of talk now about harmful chemicals in sun block. Many scientists feel that the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over recent years has been the cause of the increase in atmospheric temperatures. We are all feeling the pressure of global warming, and if we don’t start planting more trees to remove the carbon dioxide from the air we will continue to heat up our planet.

Many scientists agree that the only way we can stop global warming is to stop burning fossil fuels like coal and petrochemicals in our cars. We must also lessen our dependence on other countries for our energy. Our second largest export is our coal, and we need to get serious about that. One thing that is being considered now is green technology. It sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie, but green technology is becoming very important to society today.

For instance, there are several companies that use high-pressure spray systems to plant trees in urban areas and pavements around town centers. These systems require a crew of arborists and other professionals to plant the trees. But what if the crew were farmers? With the proper tools and a little research they could set a row of trees along the edge of the sidewalk, or plant a tree in a central space, say under a bus lane. The spray would eliminate the need for the arborist.

Other examples of green technology for the areas around our homes include solar powered lights. We have all heard of them, and most people live in an area where it is possible to buy and install solar powered lights. But what if you could take that same concept and apply it to your street, or your landscape? We don’t have to look far to find inspiration for such a project. Most every city in the world has trees that would make perfect candidates for solar powered lights.

Trees can be raised to provide shade and barriers to prevent energy loss. In urban areas where many new developments are being built, trees can be planted as part of the landscape. If the city wanted to, they could use the trees to create pathways, or place seating around the perimeter. They wouldn’t need to worry about power lines or wires.